• Mystery Tail Print Travel Pillow
  • Mystery Tail Print Travel Pillow
  • Mystery Tail Print Travel Pillow
  • Mystery Tail Print Travel Pillow

Finfolk Productions

Mystery Tail Print Travel Pillow



***This is a FINAL SALE item and not eligible for return or exchange***

We discovered right away when we began making the tails in-house just how enjoyable and comfortable laying on piles of our fabric was, and many have even expressed how much they'd like a pillow made of it. Well, sometimes... dreams come true!

Using the same ultra soft and stretchy scuba-knit our tails are made of, these pillows feature scale patterns and designs from all releases since we began production in-house in 2020, making them both water-safe and durable. They're perfect for travel pillows, kids' pillows, decorative throw pillows, outdoor furniture accessories, and very cute, cozy beds for small animals.

As a Finfolk mermaid, you are an ambassador to the ocean, a voice for waves, and an ally for the tides. Conservation is the cornerstone in our efforts to keep the shores, lakes, and rivers clean. We are honored to bring you these waste-free and eco-friendly products to help us all do our part to live in a better world, above and below the waves!


  • Dimensions: 12in ×17in
  • Weight: around 4 lbs.
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Inner pillow filled with small, otherwise unusable pieces of scuba knit fabric, making them even more zero-waste and environmentally-conscious.

Note: Some areas of the bags may feature flaws and imperfections such as "tiger-stripping" in the pattern or "ghosting" in the line definition. These flaws are usually what determines one of out discounted "misprint" tail.

Colors for pillows are a mystery and customer will not have the option to choose their patterns. All cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee

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