• Finis Shooter Monofin
  • Finis Shooter Monofin
  • Finis Shooter Monofin
  • Finis Shooter Monofin

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Finis Shooter Monofin



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The Finis Shooter monofin is the most highly recommended monofin for use with Finfolk fabric tails. Equipped with a short and stiff fiberglass blade and rubber foot pockets and heel straps, it provides excellent propulsion for ease of swimming. ALL FINFOLK FABRIC TAILS REQUIRE A MONOFIN FOR SWIMMING BY USE OF AN EXPERIENCED SWIMMER ONLY.

Please follow our FINIS size chart rather than the size chart listed on the FINIS website.

After our staff members have tested various sizes of the shooter, we feel as though the size chart for the shooter on the FINIS website isn't quite accurate and is tailored to freedivers instead of mermaids. The reason the FINIS size chart runs big is because it is targeted towards free-divers and competitive swimmers who need their monofins super tight for them to stay on their feet at high speeds and depth.

For mermaid swimming, we prefer them to be a little looser so that you can slip your foot in and out of the monofin with ease especially since it is encased inside a tail where it can be hard to put on in the first place. Freedivers do not have their legs encased in a tail so if they need to remove their super tight monofin, it's a lot easier for them. Trying to remove a super tight monofin while navigating a mermaid tail skin that covers the monofin would be a lot more difficult and in some cases, a safety hazard, so buying a monofin where you can slip your feet in and out easily is better overall for mermaid swimming.

Size recommendations based on women's US shoe size:

  • Available in sizes M-XXL
  • M: Shoe size 5-6
  • L: Shoe size 7-8
  • XL: 8 1/2- 9 1/2
  • XXL: 10+

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