• Pod Squad & Buy-A-Brick Package


Pod Squad & Buy-A-Brick Package



One of the best ways to support Finfolk at this time is to become a MEMBER of the Finfolk Pod Squad and to Buy-A-Brick in our warehouse. This offer allows you to do both at once!

The Pod Squad is a branch of the Finfolk family launched in 2017 to help fund the move into our new permanent warehouse space. Since its founding, the Pod Squad has grown into a Facebook-based community where members can discuss all things Finfolk, share their Finfolk gear, and build friendships with other Finfolk lovers. With the help of our Pod Squad members, we moved into our warehouse home in October 2018. Contributions through Pod Squad purchases continue to help us grow and develop in our new warehouse space to increase efficiency and develop the new and amazing mermaid treasures for you all.

With Buy-A-Brick, we will be dedicating an entire section of our brick interior to you, our supporters. You will be, very literally, buying a little part of the building to help us get our new warehouse up and running. Along with ocean-themed mural work that will be painted inside the building, we will write all of your names or desired messages on the bricks around our workspace, so we can see them and be inspired by them every day! 


100% of funding is going to help make the warehouse space ready for Finfolk Productions.

Membership perks are only available to Facebook users right now.  Please do not purchase this membership if you do not have a Facebook account or do not plan on making one.

All Pod Squad benefits such as sneak peeks of new products, flash sale codes, and the early access code to unlock our website on a collection release day WILL BE POSTED IN THE POD SQUAD FACEBOOK GROUP, we do not distribute pod squad notifications via email or personal notification. 

It is the responsibility of members to check the group regularly for newly released pod squad benefits and all important information will be pinned as an announcement at the top of the group for easy access. Finfolk does not take on or assume liability for pod squad members missing time sensitive information due to failure to check the group.

Instructions on how to join the group will be provided in your order confirmation email. If you do not receive an order confirmation email within a few minutes of making your purchase, please email info@finfolkproductions ASAP and a staff member will happily answer any questions.

Memberships are a one-time fee and non-refundable regardless of any circumstances. Please be 100% sure of your purchase before proceeding 


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