• Buy-A-Brick





 We have decided that we want to include all of our amazing supporters on this groundbreaking project. The most inspiration we have, every day, comes from all of you. So, we will be dedicating an entire section of our brick interior to you, our supporters, strictly to those who chose to "Buy a Brick." You will be, very literally, buying a little part of the building to help us get our new warehouse up and running.

Along with ocean themed mural work that will be painted inside the building, we will write all of your names or desired messages on the bricks around our workspace, so we can see them and be inspired by them every day! 

It is $20 to buy a brick in our warehouse space, and we will write whatever name or message you leave us in the notes section of your order. If you buy multiple bricks, just specify what you would like each brick to say.

100% of funding is going to help make the warehouse space ready for Finfolk Productions.

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