• Pieces of Finfolk: LIMITED EDITION
  • Pieces of Finfolk: LIMITED EDITION


Pieces of Finfolk: LIMITED EDITION



In working to create a new chapter for Finfolk Productions, we have decided it was time to give away pieces of our history and past.

We have chosen to cut apart the original Finfolk Productions resin scale mold. This is the first mold ever created with our signature scales, and was used to create dozens and dozens of mermaid tails throughout the years. Last summer, we updated the design, and the original mold is no longer in use. It is now in pieces, framed, numbered, and signed by Abby & Bryn. There are ONLY 100 available.

Finfolk has grown immensely throughout the years, from two young women with a mermaid dream starting in a hot summertime garage nearly five years ago, to successful business women and entrepreneurs running a full "scale" mermaid tail production company today. We wanted to share these literal "pieces" of finfolk's heart with you, as we transition to our new warehouse and make room for new growth.

These are, without a doubt, a most treasured part of Finfolk's past. (And may have been used to create your tail if you ordered between 2012-2016!)

Approximate dimensions of frame size are 3"x2" inches with the resin piece around 2 3/4"x1 3/4 inches. 

Cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee.

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