• Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag
  • Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag


Happy Honu Voyager Tailbag

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This very special Voyager bag was designed with a peekaboo Honu (green sea turtle) and ocean scene inside in collaboration with Mermaid Sirenity and Paul Baker.

The Voyager Bags are designed to suit multi-purpose needs, from professional gigs, to “hike and shoot” use, for travel protection, or for any other circumstance that requires tail transportation. These bags are designed with shoulder, chest, and hip straps to properly displace the weight of a tail on your hips and back when you need to take a mermaid tail somewhere that requires hands-free weight distribution, such as a waterfall/beach shoots, long walks on sand to and from a certain gig location, while traveling, etc.


Length (at center): 31 inches

Length (at corners): 34 inches

Width (at widest part) : 34 inches


• Waterproof waxed canvas with vegan leather straps and detailing

• Nylon lining

• Fits any commercially available mermaid tail, can accommodate tails made with competitor monofin. Can also accommodate unmodified, full competitor monofins

• Large front pocket for tops, towels, or other accessories

• Small hip pocket on waist belt for phone/keys/wallet, or anything you need to easily stow and access

• Fully unzips all the way around for easy tail insertion and removal

• Breathable mesh back pad to wick sweat and water away from your body and clothing

• Detachable and adjustable padded Backpack straps (can be unhooked and stowed in a large velcro pocket behind the back pad)

• Adjustable chest strap across backpack straps (can also slide along the vertical access of the straps for height adjustment)

• Adjustable load lifter stabilizer straps

• Removable padded hip belt (can be taken off and stowed in the front or main pocket)

• Removable padded and adjustable cross-body shoulder strap

• Easy grip top handle, for pick up/loading/weight distribution while using the cross body shoulder strap

• Vegan leather luggage tag with clear vinyl window for label

• Internal straps for securing tail 


All cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee

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