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  • Finis Shooter Monofin
  • Finis Shooter Monofin


Finis Shooter Monofin

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The Finis Shooter monofin is the most highly recommended monofin for use with Finfolk fabric tails. Equipped with a short and stiff fiberglass blade and rubber foot pockets and heel straps, it provides excellent propulsion for ease of swimming. ALL FINFOLK FABRIC TAILS REQUIRE A MONOFIN FOR SWIMMING BY USE OF AN EXPERIENCED SWIMMER ONLY.

Size recommendations based on women's US shoe size:

  • Available in sizes M-XXL
  • M: Shoe size 5-6
  • L: Shoe size 7-8
  • XL: 8 1/2- 9 1/2
  • XXL: 10+

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