• Blood Orange Mythic Scales
  • Blood Orange Mythic Scales
  • Blood Orange Mythic Scales

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Blood Orange Mythic Scales


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Finfolk Productions Iridescent Mythic Scales are a one-of-a-kind product! Perfect to create mermaid accessories, or even your own tail! These scales are resin with an iridescent finish, and come ready to be sewn, glued, or tied onto any project.

Colors may vary based on lighting and monitor settings. Slight variances may occur between color batches. Most scales are highly iridescent and inherently color changing, so be prepared for them to always look a little bit different, any way you look at them! Scales colors from previous batches may vary slightly in color. Precautions should be taken against rough surfaces, or anything that may scratch the iridescent coating.

Happy creating!


Pack Size Weight and Count Estimate:

NOTE: Scale packs are now sold by WEIGHT rather than count. The number in parentheses is the average for each weight, however, actual count may vary by 2-3 scales.

  • Small: 97g (50 scales)
  • Medium: 195g (100 scales)
  • Large: 480g (250 scales)

Approximate quantities needed for:

  • Small Accessory Projects: 50
  • Medium-Large sized top: 100
  • Small Tail: 1,000
  • Medium Tail: 1,200
  • Large Tail: 1,500

Cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee.

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