Calypso Vinyl Update

UPDATE (08/10/2023): All vinyl has now arrived at our cutter! They will be able to get us the remaining amount needed for Twilight Tide and Curse of Cortes Signature tails tomorrow (08/11/2023) morning and we expect to receive the rest next week, so Aqua Fairy and Ariel's Melody should be able to start going out next week as well!

UPDATE (08/03/2023): The rest of the vinyl for our order has shipped and should be to our cutter by Friday, August 11. Normal turnaround time is 1-3 business days, so we are HOPING () that we will be able to finish shipping Curse of Cortes, Twilight Tide, and Aqua Fairy orders within the next 2-3 weeks.

UPDATE (07/26/2023): Our vinyl cutter received part of the raw material shipment and has been working to cut vinyl for us. As such, some orders that contain Curse of Cortes and Twilight Tide Signature fabric tails are now able to ship! Please do note that our supplier did NOT receive the full shipment, so we unfortunately will not be able to ship every tail that requires a Calypso vinyl yet. We will update this page once we have received all expected vinyl.

Unfortunately, due to a perfect storm of unexpected raw material delays as well as the unprecedented popularity of a couple recent designs featuring the Calypso fluke, we are experiencing a delay in receiving the rest of our Calypso fluke vinyl casings needed to complete the remaining Twilight Tide and Curse of Cortes orders.

Please note that all production times have always been stated as estimated due to the nature of pre-sale items being subject to delays due to supply chain delays, staffing shortages, etc; and while its been over a year since weve had any delays with our vinyl casings, unexpected supply chain issues are always something our team is prepared to deal with.

*All Curse of Cortes and Twilight Tide orders have been sewn and are awaiting their vinyl casing.* All spring 2023 signature tail orders from our March 18th release were listed with a 12 -16 week production time which means the 16 week mark is on July 8th, so while we are still within the production window as of this week and next, we may run over the production timeline due to the bottleneck effect that going from zero vinyl to hundreds of vinyl in a single day creates. Our team members who arent usually in the fabric tail shipping department are prepared to jump in as soon as our vinyl comes in to help build casings, stuff vinyl, and help our shipping team make quick work of the backlog.

All other tail production is on schedule.

We appreciate your patience, and please trust we are doing our best and hope to have these beauties shipped out to their new homes as soon as absolutely possible! When your tail ships, you will receive an email to the email address on file for the order with the tracking information.

If you have a specific order related question, please email us at with your order number.

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