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FinFolk Pod Squad

One of the best ways to support Finfolk at this time is to become a MEMBER of the Finfolk Pod Squad!

The Pod Squad is a branch of the Finfolk family launched in 2017 to help fund the move into our new permanent warehouse space. Since its founding, the Pod Squad has grown into a Facebook-based community where members can discuss all things Finfolk, share their Finfolk gear, and build friendships with other Finfolk lovers. With the help of our Pod Squad members, we moved into our warehouse home in October 2018. Contributions through Pod Squad purchases continue to help us grow and develop in our new warehouse space to increase efficiency and develop the new and amazing mermaid treasures for you all.

Squad members will receive exclusive merchandise deals, behind the scenes glimpses, sneak peeks, and priority updates about the warehouse space and production timelines. Finfolk Pod Squad members will be sent an invite to a secret Facebook group, where we will post updates about special offers, exclusive discounts, and more POD SQUAD MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY ACCESS TO THE PRESALE OF ALL NEW PRODUCTS.

*** Pod Squad apparel, merchandise, and single brick purchases do not constitute a membership. All listings that include a membership will say so in the description so please read each item carefully. ***

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