• Heel Fins


Heel Fins



This listing is for a heel fin UPGRADE for an existing mythic tail order and does not include the tail itself. Mythic tails must be purchased through the official mythic tail listing when available.

Fins, fin sets, and full sized flukes must be purchased within 3 weeks of tail purchase. If upgrades are purchased in a separate order, it is the buyer's responsibility to email the team with all order numbers to combine!

If you would like decorative heel fins added to your Mythic Tail, select this option before you proceed to check out! Only one sets of heel fins per tail.

All of our fins are created using the highest quality special effects materials on the market. These fins look and feel real. Dragonskin silicone is long lasting, water safe, and soft and flexible to the touch. Fins are adhered with the strongest, watertight silicone glue on the market. All of these fins are hand sculpted and hand painted in our studio, just for you! Painted with matching color changing paint!


*Fins are for Mythic Tails in production only. Not Sold Individually* 

Cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee.

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