• Autumn Morning Seashell Comb
  • Autumn Morning Seashell Comb


Autumn Morning Seashell Comb

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These one of kind combs were imaged after crisp autumn mornings with falling leaves. Perfect for mermaids drawn to warm, firey, and earthy elements.

Crown Jewel Autumn Morning Seashell Comb features genuine Swarovski crystals!

Our gorgeous Seashell Comb is made from the same platinum cure silicone and paints as our full silicone tops and mermaid tails. They are skin safe, water safe, and will last for years to come! Each comb is adhered to a gold metal comb base that has been clear coated to prevent rust with aquatic use.

All Seashell Combs are hand made in the Finfolk warehouse. 

All canceled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee.

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