Kariel by Finfolk

“Kariel by Finfolk” is a brand new branch of the Finfolk family launched in 2019 featuring merged artwork by world-famous Mermaid Kariel of Hawaii and the Finfolk Team. “Kariel by Finfolk” will feature merged artwork by Mermaid Kariel and the Finfolk Team, including full silicone Kariel tails, Kariel Mythic tails, Kariel tops, Kariel scales, Kariel fabric tails, and more, all created and produced exclusively by the talented team at the Finfolk studio!

This partnership is the first of its kind, EVER, in the mermaid industry, and we are so excited to trailblaze (“tailblaze?!”) in such an incredible way with an industry icon to promote teamwork, collaboration, community, and women in business coming together in ways that will hopefully inspire you all to dream big, connect, and love mermaiding even more.

Here at Finfolk, we believe that working together makes the world (especially mer-world) a better and more beautiful place. We, along with Mermaid Kariel, are ecstatic to bring new art into the world, as well as a few surprises!

Xoxo, Kariel and the Whole Finfolk Team

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