• PRIDE Dragon Scales
  • PRIDE Dragon Scales
  • PRIDE Dragon Scales
  • PRIDE Dragon Scales
  • PRIDE Dragon Scales
  • PRIDE Dragon Scales
  • PRIDE Dragon Scales

Finfolk Productions

PRIDE Dragon Scales


12 count

Finfolk PRIDE Dragon scales packs are part of our commitment to inclusivity in the mermaid community. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Time Out Youth, a Charlotte based LGBTQIA+ non-profit.

Each 12 pack of PRIDE scales includes:

  • 2 Ruby Dragon Scales
  • 2 Amber Dragon Scales
  • 2 Champagne Dragon Scales
  • 2 Emerald Dragon Scales
  • 2 Royal Blue Dragon Scales
  • 2 Violet Dragon Scales

Much like the elusive winged creatures of medieval mythology, our dragon scale shape was created in the original days of Finfolk Productions but only glimpsed on rare occasions through the years. For the first time ever, these iconic scales are now available in every shade of the rainbow and are perfect to create dragon inspired mermaid accessories or every kind or even your own tail!

Colors may vary based on lighting and monitor settings. Slight variances may occur between color batches. These scales are resin and come ready to be sewn, glued, or tied onto any project.

Minor superficial scratching may be present due to the packing process but when using or wearing items made with scales, precautions should be taken in situations that may severely scratch the coating.

Happy creating!


Dragon scales are approximately 2.5 inches Long x 1.75 inches Wide

Pack Size Weight and Count Estimate:

NOTE: Scale packs are sold by WEIGHT rather than count. Numbers in parentheses are an approximation

  • Small: 330g (50 scales)
  • Medium: 660g (100 scales)
  • Large: 1660g (250 scales)

Approximate quantities needed for:

  • Small Accessory Projects/top: 25
  • Medium-Large sized top: 50
  • Small Tail: 500
  • Medium Tail: 600
  • Large Tail: 750

Please note that quantities are estimated based on size of scales compared to standard mythic scales and may vary based on project type and desired spacing of scales.

    Cancelled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee.

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